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O.O are we just ONLY can hear the music of the anime only?

Posted: Wed Apr 11, 2007 12:39 pm
by Kaede-chan
Sorry for open this stupid topic...been tormented.(means confused)

I wanna ask about the MP3 board.

Aren't it for request about download the MP3s?
Yeah I know...requesting for MP3s here is wrong.. (excuse me,I'm not asking for it here... >>;; I'm asking about the reasons of MP3 board.)

is it...we*ONLY* can enjoy the music(credits to the guys who gave the link to me to hear the songs,thanks.) but we can't download it?

Why? I know we should support the artists by buying their albums but my local CDs stores don't have(didn't sell) the album I wanted and I'm MAJORLY think YesAsia and Amazon Japan pretty untrustable.. (sorry.)

Please,especially ^Ripper..I want your answer then I will satisfy. ^_^

I was wish to PM ^Ripper only but I think other members have their own comments too?