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Translation tool explained

Post by ^Ripper » Sun Jun 23, 2019 9:48 am

A little tutorial on how to use the tool.

To the left are all the scene files from the game that contain Japanese texts.
Just clicking on them will load that scene file.

[Left side files menu]

Every scene file has 0, 1 or more text entries.
Those that have text will display on the main window.
The number of entries greatly varies from just 1 line to more then 60 depending on the lenth and complexity of a specific scene in the game.
Scenes are not unique and may have the same texts in multiple files.
For example scene "MP006_0", "MP006_1", "MP006_2"... share common dialogue. [hallway in front of Ido's office]
MP006 <- is the hallway scene identifier and _0, _1, _2 is how the scene should look like depending how far the game has progressed.
These are for the most part choice texts like "go to the roof" or the elevator "choose floor", but can also include regular texts.

[Top-side Legend]

From the top the first 2 lines a filled with buttons that will put TAGS into the translation edit window at the point where the mouse cursor is at.
This is to save you the hassle of typing the whole tag.
The first line also has command buttons called [Show ...].
These will add functionality that may aid you in editing the texts.

- Show grid : Will show a green line grid to visualize how many characters fit inside the text box.
- Show legend : Will show a legend of all the text formatting tags with a description on how to use them
- Show edits : Will show all the historical edits and comments made.
- Show preview : A VERY handy tool that gives a live preview while you are editing the text. This to save multiple translation submissions and easy of work.
- Show duplicates : This tool scans all the scenes for possible duplicate entries. If found you can paste the same translation over multiple scenes.

The 3rd line starts with mentioning on what scene you are working on.
The "Rebuild file" rebuilds the LDP scene file to be reinserted into the PSX rom and the "Rebuild ALL ..." will do everything.
The search is for looking up where a certain line / phrase / word is located.

[Main editing window]

Now for the actual editing window.

It start off showing what entry is being displayed.

Then it shows the "Decoded Text".
This is the original text with the text formatting tags displayed in red color.
Special text formatting tags are always displayed as -{ TAG }-.
You can safely copy/paste the whole line back into the translation window if something goes wrong.

Next i've added machine translation links for easy lookup.
Not ideal, and with the new translator probably not needed anymore.

Next are the 2 game windows.
The left is the original window as shown in-game.
The right is the translated window as it should look like in the game after patching.
Acuracy is pretty good.

Under these 2 windows is where the magic happens.

The text field with the "Submit translation" button is where you put the translation in, format it and submit to the database.

Now for a slight demonstration:

Code: Select all

-{[0 }-I’LL GO ON THE ROOF?-{\\}-
-{[DD1 }-I’D RATHER NOT...-{i010}-
Let me breakdown the code here.
-{WS3303}- "window size 33 character wide and 03 lines high"
-{BL1216}- "character spacing 12 pixels by 16 pixels. This is needed to make the texts look much better
-{t0}- "Text rendering speed, where 0 is instant"
-{b2}- "Text color 2 (green see top legend)
Gally:"Actual text"
-{br}- "text color revert back to standard tag"
-{\\}- "Line break / forced return"
-{[0 }- "Start menu tag where 0 is the first menu item"
I’LL GO ON THE ROOF? "first menu item text"
-{\\}- "Line break / forced return"
-{[DD1 }- "Menu tag where 1 is the second menu item and DD stands for default menu selection"
I’D RATHER NOT..."Second menu item text"
-{i010}- "End menu tag"

As you can see its a pretty logical way to format texts, just like this forum.
You start a tag, you must end a tag.

For editing you can mostly leave the tags as they are and just replace the actual texts.
Now if you enabled the Preview button you can see a 3rd window (i'll change that later) with a live preview updated every 2 seconds.
This is ideal for text formatting and line breaking.
-{\\}- tags are a must as they make sure the text does not overflow the textbox.
Also since a few weeks the -{WSxxyy}--{BL1216}- must be in ALL texts.
They should be placed at the beginning!
You can vary the text box tag with whatever is needed, but the -{BL1216}- tag is to make sure it doesnt display as ugly monospaced font (wide spaced text)

These tags must be in this order and placed at the beginning of the edit screen if used!

After you changed out the japanese to english and formatted the lines you can put a comment in the field below if needed and hit the submit button.
The text will garble to A B C D E F 0-9 characters and reload the page.
That garbling is done because i need it to be encoded a certain way to be processed.

And that is pretty much it.
Go to the next entry, rinse and repeat.

If you have ANY questions, suggestions then please post them here.
I don't bite :)

Also the DEMO is that, a DEMO.
It is identical in functionality to the real editor, but it doesn't write the results into the database.
So if you need to practise, use the demo.
And if something DOES happen in the real editor, then just copy/pase the original text, or the historical one (by clicking the "show Edits" button)
Database is being backup up offsite every 6 hours as well :)

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Re: Translation tool explained

Post by ^Ripper » Sun Jun 23, 2019 7:49 pm

To-do list on the tool:

- Color coding the LDP files when they have been fully translated and/or QC'ed, so its easy to identify what is done.
- Fix the live preview window so it merges into the existing translation window.
- Make it look better on lower resoluion monitors. Its comfortable on a full HD screen.
- Random background image for the emulator or possibly an extract from the game depending on scene.
- Naming each scene to a location.
- Fix bugs....

Any idea's on improving the tool is welcome.

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Re: Translation tool explained

Post by ^Ripper » Mon Jun 24, 2019 10:27 pm

Here is a little video of me working on the editor.
No audio though, so i'm giving some explanations through typing.

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