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How to run the game in a PSP

Posted: Sat Jul 06, 2019 5:09 pm
by Yandritos
To be completed. WIP. :!:

Tools for creating your own EBOOT file (customization of background, icon, sound...):
  • PSX2PSP -> This merges all your resources <ISO><Background><Icon><Sound><Animation> in the EBOOT file additionally suports patches like switch button O by X
  • Optional. Codec ATRAC3 -> For the AT3 sound edition (this is the only one compatible with the PSP EBOOT file
  • Optional. GoldWave -> Converts your MP3 to AT3

Tools/apps required in the psp:
  • PSP with a custom firmware (I recommend infinity firmware)
  • Plugin "popsloader" -> Allows you to execute an specific EBOOT with any kind of psp firmware version. This is because depending on the firmware the psx compatibility changes.
Firmware version required to run the game:
  • In popsloader, the FW 3.03 is working for me

How to prepare the Eboot file:
  • a) Add the customization files <ISO><Background><icon><sound><animation>
  • b) Create the EBOOT file. 1. Select the PSX ISO file, 2 Select the output folder, 3 Click over convert
  • c) Copy the output content to the PSP folder "/PSP/GAME"
  • d) Enable the plugin "popsloader" and run the game presing the button "R"
  • e) Select the firmware desired and enjoy :good:
This is how it looks in my psp-go: