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Post by D.W. » Mon Mar 10, 2008 9:19 am

Hey, I made a old registration before maybe early 2007 or late 2006, as "D.Einder" don't matter anymore, figure I stop by and hang out with other Gunnm Fan-maniacs.

To be perfectly honest I got nothing to offer ot to impress you because I don't care much for collecting, I can only say I only got like the first volume of the original in english, and it was joyful until I jst left it alone and went on with mylife, someone mention about this place and it's manga sharing, figure I double-click my ass to this place and check it out.

Was boring no one reply to my introduction and I said 'fuck it. probably a dead site oh well.' Felt like coming back and still made a new account maybe after reading the manga seems like a active place little by little. Anyways..I got no favorite characters except one that had a similar life then mine sort of, cruela singuis since she change her name like me online constantly I change from 'LionhartX1" to so may names and died out with that name and started anew, I liked that about her, Plus I got "octopuss lips" the details of being half black (thanks god). I guess thats what kept me reading, "a world of octopuss lip-girls"

Anyways sorry if it's a "tl;dr" intro but hey I like writing positively and with some pizazz..

P.S. I R am Homo.

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