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Posted: Sun Mar 09, 2014 1:02 pm
by GuillaumeDrolet
Hey I'm new here so I thought I'd just say hi and sort of introduce myself.

I'm just some guy from Quebec who speaks French and English and I've been learning Japanese for quite a while, at my own pace (in other words, slowly) and I studied programming. And just like anyone here I guess I'm a GunNM fan!

I just wanted to know... I haven't seen chapters 127,128,129 online but you have the raws and the scripts available. Are they being edited by someone here? I noticed it's done by "team pixie dust" (what a name..) but why are they 3 chapters behind? Do you guys need someone to edit the raws and add the translated text?

Re: Intro

Posted: Sun Mar 09, 2014 3:23 pm
by Sam
Hi and welcome to you!

Concerning the last chapters, it has been said that ripper is no longer publishing edited version of the scan trads. Problems arrived at the time there was this "scanlation crisis". Scans can still be done and posted here as well as scipts, but ripper does not do the editing anymore that's why you see that Team pixie dust does it.

Basically, just wait for them to do it and publish it onto some manga online readers or do it yourself for yourself! Do not post it here...

Re: Intro

Posted: Tue Mar 11, 2014 9:10 am
by GuillaumeDrolet
Ah alright then. Since I used the script to read it, I don't really need to wait for anything then.

Thanks to whoever scanned it and thanks to the translator! :) I might come around again when the new chapters start coming up.