About Panzer Kunst inspiration.

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About Panzer Kunst inspiration.

Post by MrFaber » Tue Sep 01, 2020 8:21 am

As far as we know, Panzer Kunst is a kinda dirty martial art, derived from chinese WuShu (Tiger Sauer was trained by Wilma Fachiri), designed to fight bigger and stronger opponents and/or in a zero-G environment, in extremely close quarter, attacking and destroing body's articulations and weak points, with or without the help of high frequence vibrations imposed on the opponent's body structure.

Now, despite it just occasionally looks anything alike it, i wonder if the main inspiration for Panzer Kunst might be Wing Chun. Premises are similar. Get close to the adversary, intrude his/her guard, stop his/her arms, attack articulation, throath, solar plexumn and so, on a probably bigger opponent.

What do you think about it?

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Re: About Panzer Kunst inspiration.

Post by Sam » Tue Sep 01, 2020 12:23 pm

I think that in some of the extra pages of the first series, Yukito gave some of the martila arts he used as influences for the panzer kunst.
Don't remember which one however.

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Re: About Panzer Kunst inspiration.

Post by Martin » Tue Nov 10, 2020 4:37 am

I think it is as simple as:

"I am japanese and putting a German twist on stuff sounds cool and original here in 1992... cyborg-kung-fu .... martial arts ... armor arts; in german armor arts is Panzer Kunst and that sounds cool!"

I think the "designed for larger opponents" was just a product of storytelling opposite his petite femme fatale. Big badguys look cool if you must start with a petite cutie heroine.

I think almost all of the actual drawings of action have nothing to do with any "real" martial arts and were first and last about cool images and design-framing. Battling robots.

I think the idea that colonizing Mars led to wars, and those wars led to cyber-tech is a sound, realistic and popular prediction. The idea that cyborg soldiers would develop special kata feels rudimentary. Extrapolating that out to many schools of robot-kung-fu, and only one can be the best; I assume he was a Golden Harvest/Bruce Lee/chop socky fan.

I do think he was a bit of a US military buff. In the first Figure Four arc , you can see lots of standard US infantry patrolling formations, US guns, the M-9 Bayonet...

I just see Panzer Kunst as a fun thought-experiment; given that a cyborg can punch like a railgun in theory, what do you do with that (add Chi, then Super-Chi, then Project your intent .... )

I think the Jashugan Arm Wrestling was probably my first issue, if you are wondering, and it left quite a big impression on me.

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