Music inspired by Battle Angel Alita

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Music inspired by Battle Angel Alita

Post by linke1000 » Fri Mar 02, 2018 8:05 pm

Hello! Please feel free to move this thread if it's in the wrong section, but I saw similar posts here so I'll try my luck.

This is my first post here (on a newly registered account), but I've been a lurker here for many many years, mainly to read translations of BAA: LO. Thank you for this great forum.

I'm a long time, huge Alita-fan and just thought that some of you might be interested in this. I'm a musician and have played and produced music in many different constellations, but yesterday I released my first "solo" release on small Stockholm-based label Moloton. The reason I'm posting it here is because it's heavily inspired by Alita characters and settings (mainly from vol. 1-9). When I recorded it last year, I thought of it sort of like a film score to an imaginary Alita movie (without having the actual upcoming movie in mind). It's not explicitly stated so, and there is no resemblance in the artwork since I want the music to stand on it's own, but Alita fans will probably recognize the references in the titles. Keep in mind that this is kind of experimental lo-fi music and heavily saturated through old tapes and stuff like that.

For everyone here on the forum, PM me and I will give you a free link to download it.
If you're just interested to check it out, you can do it on or listen to it on Spotify: ... gHTy-qRegQ

There are also some tracks on the Moloton soundcloud:

All the best, keep on going with that Gunnm love

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