Pray for reboot...

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Pray for reboot...

Post by Martin » Tue Jul 09, 2019 7:13 pm

or buy the video on demand and/or bluray?

I think Disney isn't going to make a cyber princess epic where the start of act 3 will always be Alita accepting that she is a gruesome killing machine.

I think on the line of sequel money, might be best spent as a refactor/reboot to some 10 episode premium thing like GoT or Westworld being the right idea. We'll see where the Mandalorian lands as far as what is possible on a tv budget. I definitely think the motor ball will work on a tv anime budget and scoping, and were WAAAAY over worked in the movie anyways...Those are probably the biggest fx demands compared to a lot of fancy matte paintings all the way until we get to Zapan vs. Tiphares.

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