Gummn - Mars Chronicle 036 (part 1) Is out!

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Re: Gummn - Mars Chronicle 036 (part 1) Is out!

Post by kamugin » Mon Apr 13, 2020 8:28 am

Martin wrote:
Mon Apr 13, 2020 4:14 am
I think Mars is a solid Arc so far. I didn't like the Vampire chapters at first. I am in no hurry for anything in Gunnm.
I want 6-9+ tankoubans worth of Panzer Kunst Chunin Exams please. We are here now and it is awesome!
You and many others readers too, otherwise it would stop being published. I think that there are also many others that keep buying just for inertia and others for stubbornness or faith that the story will become again what once it was long ago.

The so called "vampiric arc" lasted for one and a half volumes and it was ok as a side story, even so it was annoying and irksome because the time it kept us out of the main story. Now do you realize that the last time Alita, the panzer kunst warrior, not the crybaby Yoko, appeared was in volume 2! How many years ago was that again?! The chapters that will compose volume 7 are being released now and it seems it will be another volume without Alita and the many others characters that orbit around her. So there are FIVE volumes so far without the main heroin and support cast.

Something is kinda wrong here, don't you think, people? You are so desperate that when a low level kunstler appeared and defeated two cannon fodder characters, you guys got all hyped because your level of deprivation is gigantic by now, cant't you see? Kauffman is so weak that his spotlight was stolen by the janitor girl and her "fairy". And after this droplet of the kind of action we are eager to see, Kishiro shove up another hiatus in our asses!!

I think I am one of those that keep reading for inertia and stubborness, but what I am reading for some years now can't be called "Battle Angel Alita" or "Gunnm Dream" as you may prefer. I think there is still time to call off my Amazon Order, I've been one of Kishiro's bitches for far too long.


Follow up: I did cancel volumes 3 and 6 order, I kept only volume 2. Fuck this damned, lame, half assed arch and wathever Kishiro may have in his mind. When it and if becomes Battle Angel Alita again, I may go back buying.
Thank you for helping me to decide, Martin.
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