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Post by sater » Fri Sep 21, 2007 7:45 pm

Claymore is a really good manga & anime. It has a BAA feel to it.

Check it out. =D

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Post by vilma21 » Tue Dec 11, 2007 3:29 am

im very picky and find nothing as gripping as baa but only few other thing's get my interrest like final fantasy mostly ff 7 i look for doujinshi's but i cant find any that are translated witch suck's you guy's know of any?????

also other anime,,manga i like are strange and may not parr to BAA such as

ah my goddess i realy like the art work and the concept the battles of good and evil gotta love it lol urd's cool

I's the pervertd manga of a shy boy that cant tell the girl he love's that he loves her <tipical manga love storylol>

nausicaa of the vally of wind it has good story plot and deep meaning

neon genesis evangelion it's cool but a bit sadistik

and tenchi muyo <dont make fun o me> it was one of the first anime's i liked but when it come's to manga the first i read was ranma 1/2 then BAA way back when lol
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Post by Batousai » Thu Dec 13, 2007 11:42 pm

Even if Ghost in the Shell is a cyberpunk manga too, like BAA, I wouldn't quite put them under the same roof... The GitS movie resembles Blade Runner a bit... The manga is a little more humorous and I find it somewhat different from BAA in terms of atmospere and "feeling"... Personally I prefer Appleseed when it comes to the manga, although I'm a big fan of all the GitS anime productions...

Age rating: Mature (May contain sex, drugs, and extreme graphic violence)
Genres: Military, Police, Science Fiction, Shounen
Plot Summary: Appleseed takes place in the 22nd Century, after the non-nuclear Third World War decimates the Earth. While states like Great Britain, France and China have difficulty maintaining order and power, international organizations like the "Sacred Republique of Mumna" and "Poseidon" have been established in the aftermath.
Enter Deunan Knute and her cyborg partner Briareos, two hardened survivors and soldiers living out in the wasteland, whose lives take a little unexpected turn...
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Post by D-Scape » Tue Dec 18, 2007 8:25 pm

I don't know if the OP is still looking for reccomandations, but since people are still posting I might as well give you some of my favorites (some which are already mentioned):

Berserk. It certainly is the pinnacle of epic storytelling imo. Some decades from now on I hope it has archieved the same status as other fantasy-classics like Lord of the Rings, Narnia etc, because it belong in this league (even though it's far more extreme, heh). Sublime character-interaction and plot-development. The artwork is top-notch too.

Gantz is probably not the most versatile of series, but it's damn fine at what it does. The videogame-narrative and crazy ammount of characters is fascinating. Entertainment at its goriest.

Eden is a good and exciting read. I have no idea how long before we see the end of this manga. The side-stories (or maybe these are really the main stories) are pulled in so many directions that you're starting to wonder how big the universe the creator is trying to create will end up.

Blame! (and Biomega + just about everything Tsutomu Nihei has ever put out) is excellent sci-fi. Rather than establishing a story around the year 2500/3000 which is usually the norm he pushes it several milions of years into the future which makes for some truly bizarre and innovative creature/structure/character designs.

Mohiro Kitou has made a couple of memorable series. Narutaru (Shadow Star in US) and Bokurano are both bizarre and great. Narutaru is a twisted spin on the magical creature genre (Pokemon etc.) while Bokurano is a new view on the mecha-subgenre. Emotionally disturbing and pretty harrowing, but great nonetheless.

I have a personal favorite in the Battle Royale manga. Some people are put off by the extreme content - gore and some saucy hentai-references, not to mention a hopeless translation by the American distributor - but I still think it manages to tell the story found in the original novel and the movie. It's almost impossible not to be enthralled by it to some degree. I'm also a big fan of the old-school artwork. It's very clean and linear.

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Post by Sergio Nova » Tue Dec 18, 2007 11:27 pm

Just a curiosity:
What's the title of GLO volume 10?

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