Answers about the Library Binding of BAA/LO. . . .

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Answers about the Library Binding of BAA/LO. . . .

Post by Gallygun » Sat Mar 07, 2009 1:30 am

I just wanted to tell anyone who was interested in the Library Binding of the English editions of BAA and LO.

They are not the best in quality, unfortunately :cry:

The covers are still not uniform, they are mismatched, mostly with the Last Order volumes. The ones that I got had the "Action" symbol and word on the top of the spine of the book, some only have the word "action", some don't have anything but black, and Volume 4, which is one of my favorites, is just ugly!!! It has bright yellow lettering on the spine and front, the number of the volume is totally off-center, and they couldn't even get the lettering the right size! But they are definitely hardcover ^^;

The colors are more dull, and on the original first volume, the black of Alita's hair is all screwed up. In fact, the cover images almost look like Paw Prints publishing simply pulled them off of Yukito's website, they aren't sharp! They're obviously old, since there are very light scratches that show up in the flash of a camera and it almost looks like tiny "bubbles" are coming to the surface, or there are simply minor discolorations.

The original volumes are better, just missing the little symbol on the spine of the book. The print quality is the same, actually it seems slightly better, but some of the images are slightly cut off on the sides and the bottom, and in the bleed (the part of the page that goes into the spine of the book) just plain cut off the words/images! I've only started reading that volume, but the print quality looks just fine in the rest of them.

All of the original mangas have been released, but only LO 1-6 have been published in that series in library binding. 10 is coming out in April in the library binding, but what the heck about 7, 8, and 9?! I love 7!!! I don't care as much about 8 and 9 but 7 is essential! It tells Alita's revised past! And it has a pretty cover. =)

I guess when I saw the awesomeness of FMA in library binding; metallic backgrounds and great image quality on the covers, none of these problems I just listed, I just "knew" BAA/LO would be the same. But I was wrong. I can't really recommend them, actually, unless your a collector like me. It's still Battle Angel Alita, but why do you get it in hardcover when you have the complete series in trade paperback? for the cover.

And that's my review. BTW, I will have images up soon. Just tell me which volume you want, I can post an image of it :wink:

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