Phase 82 RELEASED!!

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Re: Phase 82 RELEASED!!

Post by vacendek » Mon May 25, 2009 3:51 pm


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Re: Phase 82 RELEASED!!

Post by HumanRage » Mon May 25, 2009 7:17 pm

groovy :P
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Re: Phase 82 RELEASED!!

Post by Yuffie » Mon May 25, 2009 7:20 pm

Awesome, thanks for saving the day :)
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Re: Phase 82 RELEASED!!

Post by Cailon » Mon May 25, 2009 9:39 pm

Niiiice! :D

Its a good cleaning, btw! I remember all those fat kanji-blocks in the raw.

So, did someone manage to find the little error we included for you, to save us a v2 release?
just kidding ;) (I hope)

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Re: Phase 82 RELEASED!!

Post by djchayan » Tue May 26, 2009 5:09 am

thanks!! lol fell asleep while registering oh my first post btw!! woot!!

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Re: Phase 82 RELEASED!!

Post by andlgx » Tue May 26, 2009 7:48 am

slow but steady :) many thanks!!

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Re: Phase 82 RELEASED!!

Post by AOD » Thu May 28, 2009 3:42 pm

Hi! Thanks for the awesome release. I've taken the liberty of doing some proofreading ex post facto for the v2 release.

page 01
panel 1
This development has taken an unexpected turn!!

panel 2
Zekka: Grrr... GRRR!!
Zekka: Argh!! ARGH!!

page 02
Gerambo: He's fighting Taraba!!
Gerambo: Homme du Feu was disguised as Toji!!
text: The sword named "The Warrior's Spirit Strategy".
Phase 82: A Man's Fist
in the box: The story up to now.

page 03
panel 1
Rakan: What… What the hell?
Rakan: I see it. When he was here…

panel 2
Rakan: …he's cunning.
Rakan: Every time he switches places just in time.

panel 3
Rakan: Instead of murdering us immediately, he toys with us like puppets in some kind of game . He absorbs me…
Rakan: …Home du Feu's plan… …absorbs me.

panel 4
Rakan: It's useless… I'm unable to think when I'm surrounded by this chest
Rakan: As it is, they're squeezing me from all sides! I'm being crushed!

page 04
panel 1
It's penetrating his secret armor…
…and it's taking him apart!

panel 2
Rakan: OOOOH!!

panel 3
Rakan: What a pity…
Rakan: …Actually, dying in a hell of breasts has always been my fantasy, but… it was just an illusion…

page 05
Taraba: Since it's clearly a surprise attack from the rear…
Taraba: … you're a coward!!

panel 2
HdF: I've injected a poisonous plasma in your body.
HdF: Nothing can help you now.

panel 3:
Rakan: You son of a bitch!!

footnote: Poisonous plasma is a type of attack that makes reference to patients of scorpionism, that is, victims of

scorpion stings, in which the animal introduces its poison into the host's body, starting from an injection or

wound. The concentrations detected in the plasma are correlated with the grade of severity of the patients'


page 09
panels 2
Taraba: Battle mode 3…
Taraba: …use it!!

page 11
panel 1
Taraba: How… how brilliant!
Taraba: It's the spirit's solitary fist!!

panel 2
Taraba: inside the appearance of this beast…
Taraba: What is this and what does it mean??

page 12
panel 2
Gerambo: Can the legendary warrior be defeated?
Gerambo: Although Taraba has demonstrated incredible and unstoppable crushing strength...

panel 3
Gerambo: …he has been completely demolished.

page 13
panel 1
Pissarro: "It's neither the strongest nor the smartest who survives…"
Pissarro: "…but the one who can interact or have support."

panel 2
Pissarro: I love to pervert Darwin's words.

panel 3
Pissarro: "Tactless" (or "lacking interest")! This is the antonym of "adaptation"… The hated word if we speak of

Pissarro: The karatekas should be erased from the face of this world!!

panel 4
Olympe: Igrec… have you already…?
Olympe: Don't you need me anymore?

footnote: Charles Robert Darwin (1809-82), English naturalist who formulated the theory of evolution by natural

selection, expounded in On the Origin of Species (1859) and applied to man in The Descent of Man (1871)
[Collins English Dictionary]

When Pissarro gives his explanation, he means that it is not necessary to adapt, but to adapt the things to oneself,

to corrupt them so that they adjust one. Totally contrary to Darwin's theory, that says that the organisms better

adapted to their environment are the ones that survive.

page 14
panel 2
Gerambo: What… what's that? Taraba has stood up!!
Gerambo: Despite the intensity of the battle, it seems that he still has more than enough energy!?

page 15
panel 1
Pissarro: This man's body was damaged by the poisonous plasma -- insects have been devouring him alive from the

Pissarro: It should be impossible for him to move!!

panel 2
Pissarro: Eh! I can see but I cannot believe…
Pissarro: Come on! Solve that, Homme du Feu!!

page 16
panel 1
Taraba: I withdraw what I said…
Taraba: You're not just a coward!!

panel 2
Taraba: …a painful memory…
Taraba: I experienced to risk my own spirit!!

page 17
panel 1
Taraba: This extreme boiling fist …it isn't something that I am allowed to use on an ordinary animal…
Taraba: This is risky… …but to obtain something, I must remove all doubt and be decisive…
Taraba: A man's fist!!

page 18
panel 1
Taraba: Doubtlessly, he is a monstrous man from a distant country… …I don't know what he's thinking…
Taraba: And thus, I've fallen defeated under these circumstances as well…

panel 2
Taraba: Now! Come and attack!!

panel 3
Taraba: I'll show you how I repair this decrepit body and how it returns triumphant!!

page 19
panel 1
text: Now…
text: In this encounter, Homme du Feu has only made one mistake.
text: At this point, the right decision that Homme du feu should have taken would be to remain far from Taraba.
text: This will certaintaly be a decisive factor in the isolated offensive...
text: If this is the usual Homme du Feu, he won't doubt and he will also surely stay, but…
text: …to take the hands out of this and move away is impossible…

page 20
panel 1
text: Since he was born, he has received the approval of a single man…

panel 2
text: …this is something that makes him proud when facing his rivals…

page 21
panel 1
He wants to respond and demonstrate what thinks with the fists, but he doesn't know with certainty if he will win.

page 22
panel 1
text: Superficial

panel 2
Taraba: The blows of the attack with both hands are blocked with the "seal" that he creates with his two arms…
Taraba: Within instants, it will be difficult to avoid a fatal blow in the chest with his legs!

panel 3
Taraba: This is the last sample of wickedness for this old body...
Taraba: I thank you.

page 23
panel 1
Rakan: Heeheehee! Useless!
Rakan: You're useless… …Taraba-san!!

panel 2
Rakan: It seems we're not stupid as you said.
Rakan: …And no way you can ignore that truth.

panel 3
HdF: Eh!?

page 25
panel 1
Rakan: Ha! ha! ha! Bleed!
Rakan: Ahh the texture of your flesh feels so good!!

panel 2
text: Homme du Feu, you should be able to adapt to be "honestly direct"!!
Hdf: Olympe!

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Re: Phase 82 RELEASED!!

Post by Sergio Nova » Fri May 29, 2009 11:07 am

Corrections are always welcome, but next time please give us only the texts that are different.
That will ease your work and our research as well.
Of course, it is always valid. Thanks a lot.

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Re: Phase 82 RELEASED!!

Post by sater » Sat May 30, 2009 8:54 pm

Thank you so much!

Finally got my LO fix. :D

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