GLO 128, script only

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GLO 128, script only

Post by Guren » Tue Jan 28, 2014 11:28 pm

Page 01

[T] Phase.128 Alita Quest XVII
[T] The space city Ketheres, where the impact of the Zenith of Things Tournament still lingers. What awaits the party that went to the very top of the geostationary orbit in pursuit of the disappeared Alita is...!?
[ko] We've arrived at Kethereees!!

Page 02

[ko], the heck is this!?

[f] For some reason, it looks like under construction...

[T] It's no longer what it used to be in the thriving days of the past...

Page 03

[k] Uuh...the air is bad...
[fx] cough cough
[f] Watch yer steps...
[ko] Kyah ha!! My body's so liiight!!

[ko] Ah! There's a person!!
[x] What's with you!? That's troublesome.

[x] You came from the surface, right!? That's troublesome.
[k] I'd like to meet with the leader of the city.

[x] I'm telling this for your own good, you should go back.

[k] Why!?

[x] Ketheres is no longer a human city.
[x] It's a city governed by the noble robot.

Page 04

[x] Many months ago, during the finals of the ZOTT, Mbadi's tyranny was exposed, and an insurrection arised.

[x] The image of the Ketheresians as the ideal city inhabitants was nowhere to be found...

[x] When the rampant vandalism reached even the life-support facilities,
[x] suddenly, out of nowhere, a countless number of robots appeared and suppressed the revolt!!

Page 05

[x] Returned to our senses, we where ashamed of our deeds...

[x] Recognizing our inability to govern...
[x] we assigned the sovereignty to Landa Nam Nam, the king of the robots.

[ko] So cool, it's like SF!!
[f] From my point of view, the Scrapyard and Tiphares were both surprising cities,
[f] so now a city of robots doesn't impress me much!

[x] However, are you guys fine with that!?

[x] The beds, walls, ceilings, water, air for our livelihoods are all supported by the robots steady maintenance...
[x] it was abnormal that until now we ignored their existences!
[x] Glory to the robots! All the best to their subjects!!

Page 06

[k] Uhm, then, let me meet with the king of the robots, Landa Nam Nam.
[x] That's why I've told you that's troublesome!

[x] Pii! Bubu piigapii!!

[x] Pigaa!!
[x] I'm really sorry, I'll send them away immediately!!

[x] Ahiiii!

[f] Drop it!

Page 07

[x] V v...
[x] What did you do!?
[f] I couldn't stand to watch...
[x] Gi gi...
[x] Pi...

[g] If it's fighting, then it's our turn, Tankuer!
[ta] Guh eh eh, when it comes to bully the weak, you can leave it to me!
[ko] So lame!

[m] Somehow, it's very unlikely that this will end peacefully...
Oh boy...

[k] My katana!
[g] Sir!

Page 08

[k] Let's teach the robots how to behave towards guests.

[T] Immediately after, Kaos noticed a serious problem...
[T] that using psichometry he could not read any informaion from the katana at all!

[T] In the katana that was destroyed along with Geppa and then regenerated, no biomagnetism informations remained!
[T] For Kaos, who reproduces through psicometry reading the skills of a master fencer of long ago Japan, this was just and edged tool for an amateur!
[T] Kaos is exausted right on the spot!!
[fx] clang
[k] Heavyyy...
[fx] weak

Page 09

[x] Boootz!!
[t] Hey...
[t] these many...
[g] There're even some big ones!

[g] Calm down! If we talk we can come to an understanding!!
[ko] Super lame!!
[t] My policy is to not defy the strong!!

[m] Everyone, retreat!!
Run to the orbital elevator gate!!

Page 10

[x] Uwaaah!

[f] Incorrigible, ain't ya?

Page 11

[ko] Aunt Marge!
[ko] Doctor Ido!

[ko] Don't run away! If you're a man, then fight!!
[f] Damn brat, who do ya think I'm running fer?

Page 12

[f] Woh!

[ko] Eeeek, I'm falliiing!!

Page 13

[ko] I'm saaafe...
[f] Wh-what the...!?
[f] Something grabbed my hand just now!?

[x] You came right at a bad time, eh?

[f] The only things I'm weak against are ghosts and green onions.
[fx] nanmandabu nanmandabu
[ko] Hello Mr. Space Ghost.
[ko] Do you mind if I take a spirit photograph!?

[x] I'm not a ghost nor a green onion.
[x] Whoom

[fx] Pashuuuh
[fx] Boing

Page 14

[r] Huff, it was tighting my chest.
[r] I'm Rem Rei

[r] When I came to Ketheres to pick up my uncle, unfortunately the robot coup d'etat happened and I couldn't go back.

Page 15

[f] Hey, there're robots!
[r] They're fine.
[r] They're servants of the former Landa Nam Nam king that was exiled.
[r] Nam Nam is our ally.

[r] I'm back, uncle.

[r] Ooh, how did it go, Rem?

Page 16

[r] I'm sorry, I failed at securing a shuttle.
[x] It was impossible after all...

[x] Uhm? Who're those guys?
[r] I found them up there.

[x] came from the surface to look for Alita...

[f] Don't ya know Alita's whereabouts, ol'man!?

[x] Unfortunately...we were all separated amidst the caos of the finals.
[x] After that, I don't know what happened to her.
[x] With her strength, even the caos here in Ketheres could've been settled in a moment...

Page 17

[n] In time, the methods of the current robot king, “Hecaton”, will arouse human resentment
[n] and the robots will be dealt with a clean sweep.
[fx] nam nam nam
[n] If you help me, Landa Nam Nam, to return to be king, I promise to collaborate with you!

[ko] This is Nam Nam...
[x] He was destroyed with a sneak attack. I managed to retrieve it's brainchip and repaired it.

[r] Have we become able to use that?
[x] Only the final adjustments remain...

[x] It's well done for having finished it with what we had available on hand.

Page 18

[x] However, this thing uses a great amount of electricity to activate.
[x] If we use it, we'll be found out by the robots outside.
[r] Basically, there's no turning back...

[ko] 'scuse me...can't you explain what you're talking about in an easier way?

[r] In brief,
[r] we're going to raid the king of robots place!

[x] Now that I think about it...that guy could know something about Alita...
[x] Right...

[f] After hearing this,
[f] I'll help ya too!!

Page 19

Where in the world are they planning to take us...?

[k] C-cold...

This is bad. These are hyportermia symptoms!
We must warm him using the waste heat of your generator!
[g] G-got it!

Page 20

[x] King! As per your command,
[x] we captured the intruders and took them here!

[x] Hey, hey noble king! What do we do with the intruders?
[x] Death penalty! The death penalty will be good!!

[h] I'm the arrogant king of the robots, Hecaton!!*
[h] Hmph.

[Note] Greek it is the number 100.

Page 21

[h] You humans!
[T] Deckman 100's imponent figure towers above the surroundings!!
[T] What is the machine king, who has Elf and Zwölf serving him, scheming!?
[h] Kneel and ask me for mercy!!
[h] Hmph.
[T] Next!! Battle Angel Alita Last Order
[T] Final chapter!!!!
[T] Alita has disappeared. Figure chases her.
[T] Where does the soul severed from machine and flesh wanders to...?
[T] Battle Angel Alita Last Order Continues / The next chapter will appear in the issue on sale on 1/28.
[T] ...and then, the story moves to a new world!!!

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