Not really a plot hole, but a plot weakness

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Not really a plot hole, but a plot weakness

Post by Martin » Sun Mar 09, 2014 4:14 am

So, Caerula(spl?...too lazy to go to bathroom and check) gives Alita the Fata Morgana for the sole reason that Alita evaded the death gate?

I have been reading all along, but am really digesting things with the omnibuses in my hands. I was really dismissive of the whole vampire tale in real time, but I now appreciate it a lot more. Caerula is the most important human being (+=virus) ever. YK even indulges us in the retelling of the tale to children with puppets. Then her story really starts as mankind hyper accelerates into space. The Fata Morgana is really important, and has been for approximately 400 years by the time we see it.

I just think that Caerula is so powerful (The Raven knew that it was she who took down absurd that he wasn't slightly following the Zott and knew that Alita and Caerula had a rematch), to think handing off the baton of "The Most Important Person in the World" to Alita on the basis of her sheer survival against her utimate assault you go.

No one could have known what Alita was up to, because it was so fucking stupid by the time the story got to the part when it mattered. After defeating the Jupiter seeded team, if she had just asked for Lou's brain, Trinidad would have just given it to her to just go away (barring her attempt to get it in the first place).

What if Alita just wanted to win the Zott...Caerula was just giving her a cool trinket?

All is well that ends well, the fata bonds with Alita thanks to the Imaginos....which bonds with the Jovian wormhole thanks to the Imaginos...WE ALL KNOW THAT A VENUSIAN BIO QUANTUM COMPUTER IS OUT THERE!!!!...probably not a Martian one...

I just think that so much was delivered to Caerula's character, she is out there somewhere and is the most powerful low intensity conflict unit (vulnerable only to tactical nuclear weapons I imagine) in the solar system, the criteria for her passing of the Fata Morgana seams a bit weak to me.

Ah well, still the most intense funny book ever.

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